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right now. the contract dispute over its for union has witness news this morning. as thousands of workers on strike written on. the contract over benefits for union workers at grocery stores. >> and san francisco mayor comes out swinging. >> and we are already seeing lots of sunshine across the bay area. what is in store for this week. we are talking record high temperatures and rain. a look at your wacky weather forecast coming up. >> good morning. coming in from the outside. he'll be with us in a little bit. >> it's kind of a weird morning. 7:30. we got an extra hour of sleep. hope everyone is feeling refreshed. >> i set the clock back and i
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was nervous about it, whether i had it right or not. we've got a great show had freed this morning. we are going to be talking about -- >> prop 32. representatives on both sides. one of those confusing ballot numbers that people are deciding on tuesday. we are going to try to break it down into normal people terms. >> it's a big battle of special interests, and it could completely change the profile of california politics. we sit down with former mayor willie brown and talk to him about all of this political money spending. does it really make a difference? and mayor is talking about should it be drained or not? >> also, the latest on superstars andy. we start with developing news in urban california. >> that's right. a strike against the supermarket chain. >> contracts with union members. there was a deadline of midnight her to the united food and commercial workers union has started picketing outside of grocery stores.
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the two sides have been arguing over a wage freeze and end the suffering of his on sunday and change in medical benefits for 7000 workers. >> it affects my livelihood. it affects my family. i have two daughters i'm trying to put through school. >> they need to come to some kind of an agreement. both sides can lose. >> they offered to extend an old contract for three days so they could keep talking about it, but union negotiators called that a symbol delaying tactics. the supermarket chain says it needs to cut costs because of weak economy and competition from nonunion ice companies like lamar. a driver under arrest in santa rosa accused of hitting a pedestrian and steady -- and speeding away. the man was badly hurt. he's now in the hospital. a witness reported seeing a call that front end damage. police then found that car and
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arrested the driver. 30-year-old christian hang him. charged with felony hit-and-run and ui. more help on the way to new york from the bay area chapter of the red cross. they are sending mark's emergency response vehicles this morning. >> those vehicles can serve up to 3000 meals per day. the bay area has sent over 100 volunteers and supplies to the aftermath of superstars andy. three vehicles heading out are going to be driven by teams of volunteers doubly from oakland, fairfield, and burlingame today. here are the latest numbers on hurricane sandy. more than 3300 red cross disaster workers on the ground. the defense department has already set up mobile fuel stations around the new york city metro area. where they plan to distribute 12 million gallons of gasoline to run generators. meanwhile, the death toll sales at 113. it's been nearly a week since sandi hit. how are things coming along? >> let's go live to staten
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island this morning. good morning. electricity continues to be a big problem. how many people in new york are still without power? >> reporter: good morning to you. throughout new york city about 800,000 people still without power. that means no key. obviously, they are only adding to the frustrations here. this is a sample of what people and construction crews -- public works crews, rather, are trying to deal with. debris all throughout the streets here. it is not just clothes and photos and memories, but in some cases its entire structures of houses that have been sort of washed away and line the roads. as you might imagine, this actually is an improvement, but there is still so much more that has to be done. >> here on the west coast we see a lot of pictures of storm damage, roads being blocked with water, the
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subways being flooded. what is the status? can people get around? >> right now in new york city about 80 percent of a subway lines are back up and running. some call still remain flooded. gases -- gas is in huge demand. either people waiting in line waiting for hours to get gas. in some cases gas stations have run out and people are still waiting in line just to reserve their spot whenever that new shipment of fuel may come in. the federal government did authorize the purchase of more than 10 million gallons of unleaded fuel to be distributed here in new york and new jersey. they've actually opened some stations where people can get free fuel. as you might imagine, those lines are certainly long as well. >> of pictures are stunning. live on staten island. thank you. the presidential race continues to be very close in the latest opinion poll. a new washington post poll show
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the numbers of president obama and romney in a statistical tie nationally. the republican nominee has a 49-48 percent edge. likely voters trust romney to handle the economy, but when it comes to understanding the economic problems, the edge goes to president obama. separately, a poll by the wall street journal and nbc news has obama leading 51 to 45 percent among likely voters. >> as the race gets onto the wires, both parties are urging people to get out and vote early. turnout for early voting has been heavy. but in oakland the early voting turnout was much slower than it wasn't for thousand eight. the alameda county courthouse registrar tells us that the line yesterday was only about 20 people long. back in 2008, there were 500 to 600 people waiting at this time. the lines were around the block. meanwhile, the final push for the campaign 2012 is the top of the agenda on face the nation
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today. >> bob schieffer and rick lowry on the national review. peggy noonan of the wall street journal, and a political roundtable. that's on face the nation after our broadcast. and other headlines, jury deliveries and are expected to resume tomorrow in the trial of a former san jose principal, obie whaley elementary, charged with failing to report great chandler, a teacher of committing lewd acts on a second grader back in 2011. oakland city council looking at toughening up its anti-graffiti laws. proposed changes include making graffiti vandalism a misdemeanor instead of a simple interaction. it would also hold parents financially responsible and give frequently targeted businesses access to a city cleanup fund. property owners would have 10 days to clean up graffiti. butterfat -- the requests
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can be -- >> 202000 feet of hose and 10 pressure washers. can you do that? i said absolutely. >> the requests can be unusual. >> anything man feels every last one of them for the troops. we will show you how he's doing it. >> what may be the biggest threat to union power in california. the debate over prop 32. the yes on prop 32 campaign joining us live next. and we are looking a blue skies. checking some numbers around the bay area. mostly 40s, some 50s at the door. looks like we see record high temperatures before the week is through. you will want to stay tuned for your seven day forecast next. ,,,,
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>> love them back. here's a look at temperatures. 40s and 50s in oakland. livermore coming in at 49 degrees. we could see rain by the end of the week. ,,,,,,,,
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package sent to a marine can serving in afghanistan. but as kate kelly reports, s
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week's jefferson award winnr it all started with a simple care package sent to a murray and captive serving in afghanistan. this week's jefferson award winner turned in for emergency support for our servicemembers overseas. >> flashlights, scissors. >> it's not unusual for aaron to get e-mails at all hours of the day from the front lines in afghanistan. like the call he got from a murray and core major in need of help. >> he said, we just got into our base in afghanistan. half of my unit is ill because there is some type of virus or bacteria. he's on the phone with me. i need 10 pressure washers and 902000 feet of hose. can you do that? i said, absolutely. >> he says the equipment was there an week, and so are most of the
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items he shipped overseas through the nonprofit he founded called troops direct. >> a lot of these items simply are readily available through the supply chain. if they are, they might take weeks or months to get it. they requested on day one and we are literally shipping within 24 hours. >> it all started with a gift box that aaron sent a college buddy sent to afghanistan a few years ago. when his friend wrote back that his unit needed specific items, aaron filled each request. >> other commanders found out about my buddies personal kind of supply chain, if you will. they started reaching out to us also. we heard you are helping them, we need a lot of the same items, can you help us question our. >> troops tell them that each packages gives them all a welcomed boost. >> it's like a lifesaver. >> today aaron sent out an average of a thousand pounds per week from this partially donated warehouse in oakland. all of that on demand. while many items are donated, money
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raised helps purchase specific button and then pays a hefty postage fee. >> these are actually small headlamps. they are going out to a unit in afghanistan. >> troops direct doesn't send the cookies or magazines, only gear and equipment in the texas for nutrition, hygiene, and health. >> they realize that the need is there. i believe in supporting america as best i can. this has really become my calling. >> so for supporting servicemembers overseas, box by box by box, this weeks jefferson award goes to area near bonn. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> he hopes to one day be able to hire veterans, fulfill orders, and higher communications. >> use the link online. the connect button at the top of the page and then hit jefferson award. >> we've got a busy day out there for a lot of folks. wondering what they are walking or driving into. >> sounds like it's going to be a lovely day.
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we've got a full on warm-up in store according to elizabeth. >> we've got a fabulous weekend shaping up. blue skies behind me. here's a look at the building in san francisco. not a bad weekend at all. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right, but we crank those up. later this afternoon, 70s to low '80s. we are only in the beginning of a warming trend across the bay area. it looks like we could see record high temperatures before the week is through. once again, low '80s and some of our inland spots, low 70s along the coast. plenty of sunshine. pretty much everywhere across the bay area. it is because of a ridge of high pressure. that's what's keeping us high and dry over the next several days. no rain in our immediate forecast, but we are going to see some pretty big changes by the end of the work week. we'll talk about that in a minute. in the meantime, let's talk about your forecasted highs. once again, a gorgeous day where ever you go. 80 right now or later on this
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afternoon. mid-seventies, it looks like, run the bay. mostly upper 70s if you are in oakland, mid-seventies in places like san francisco. 78 degrees in redwood city. cranking things up to the low '80s in santa rosa and fairfield. once again, possible record high temperatures monday and four election day. but the day to go out and vote. wednesday is kind of a transitional date. check out thursday and friday. those temperatures dip quite a bit. as much as 20 degrees in some places. only see a high of about 6 0 degrees. a good chance of rain across much of the bay area. saturday it looks like we dry out. temperatures are not going up by much. very low 60s. that the jacket weather. back to you guys. >> this week rally against proposition 32. >> the final push. union members gathered yesterday. prop 32 would prohibit unions and corporations from making
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contributions to candidates. supporters say it's a fair attempt to curb the special interest, but opponents say it targets unions with no impact on wealthy individuals. >> the ultimate goal is to be able to quiet the working people as a whole. we believe that proposition 32 the way it's written right now will have major consequences. we are still going to have big money. >> proponents say that if it passes, they intend to challenge it in court. it might not be over on tuesday once it's decided. we start with a yes on prop 32 campaign. a former chairman of the republican party. thanks for being here this morning. why should people vote for this? >> because it gives the union member, the public union member, the right to decide whether or not he wants his money spent for
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certain candidates or campaigns. right now they don't have that voice. we give them that voice. the union officials do not want their union members who have that ability. >> a lot of union members -- >> 32 would use -- would bar union dues for political purposes. >> right, but it would give them the choice of having money deducted from their paycheck. >> but unions can give the money directly to political campaigns but they still can't form their independent tax. that's what they are not telling you. they still have the ability to make contributions to political campaigns. the other thing that is a major problem is that they say, look who's backing 32. they say oil companies. go look at the supporters of proposition 32 and see if you see anywhere where there is oil company supporting this thing. their whole campaign, frankly, is based on misinformation. >> let's get to the root of what is about. we saw this when you are chair of the republican party. they felt that public employees
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had too much of a say in sacramento and in the local sections. whether it be the teacher's association or the prison bars. this is an attempt to curtail the power state and locally. >> this is a completely different initiative. the people that supported -- >> the goal is the same. >> the goal of this on limits both corporations and unions of one of the past initiatives only limited unions. unions said, this is unfair. this only applies to us. the backers of this initiative said, you are right. this one applies equally to corporations and unions. >> but there are a lot of groups like super packs. that's the thing that is the crux of the problem for a lot of people. >> that's not called an exemption which is in the initiative. it's called the first amendment. as i indicated before, as you can have super packs pursuant to
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independent expenditures, you can also have the unions pursuant to independent expenditures. there is nothing that limits that in this initiative. that's what's being lost in this discussion by the distortions that the people are trying to put out there. >> if you look at our discussion of it, we say go read the initiative. if you look at the non32, you won't see any references at all. >> but when you read it, it is a little confusing. a lot of people go back to who is funding this thing, who would pay billions of dollars to get this passed. >> again, that's the incredible distortion. they are spending -- their special interests are spending up to $70 million to get this thing defeated. the people on the other side -- go look at the supporters. go look at the list of individuals. people such as charles munger who did redistricting, open primary, people for political reform. >> what we have here is a battle in -- trying to reshape the
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political landscape of california. what is it that you see if this passes? >> we see more money for political campaigns coming from within the district. right now you have over 70 percent of the funds come from sacramento to fund political campaigns. we believe by reducing the number of corporate contributions and union contributions directly to those candidates, the voice of the people in the districts will be heard in the individual union member won't have the right to decide how their money will be spent. >> and in that scenario, where do the charles mongers and the mega millionaires that are now very active in california, if you look at the initiatives how many were put on by millionaires, how many are put on by corporations. what does this do to change that dynamic, or does that just intend to because they are not included? >> first of all, it doesn't
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reduce the ultimate voice of corporations or unions. individuals both on the conservative side with respect to monger and on the liberal side with respect to others, their voice is not limited. so you have a balance where you don't have the balance now, because people that are forced to give money to political campaigns that they don't want to. everybody then becomes, if you are involved in the future, it's because you want to beat. right now a significant percentage of the people don't have a right to decide how their money is being spent. we want the individual to have a right to decide how their money is spent on politics. it's been about a million dollars according to the secretary of state office. also the possible court challenges which could be forthcoming. >> okay. and the no on prop 32 campaign joins us in our next half hour because we are out of time. thanks for coming in. >> live a conversation. we appreciate it. we will be right back. ,,
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where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that.
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proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38...
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and as he he he will mo have reg do him good vision in san francisco on track to made to record numbers. more than 500,000 people have registered to vote in the city of san francisco on. >> residents have a number of local races on the ballot in measures before them. we've had a number of them on the show before. this time we turn to mayor at lee. unlike past mayors, one race that the mayor has opted to stay out is the often contentious supervisors races. why is he standing out?
7:55 am
>> i have always felt that, especially when you have supervisors that are sitting that we've still got ongoing discussions around current legislation and policies for the cities. i don't want anyone doubting me about whether i am inviting them to work with me because they are going to help me help another candidate rather than assist them with their constituents. i felt a little more comfortable by engaging myself in the local runs or races. but i have focused on the ballot measures. >> but you do have some issues on this ballot. i want to go over them real quick. the biggest one i think is this tax tax. you want to change the way san francisco does taxes. this one seems to be hurting because of the new text. you are learning something. >> we are learning that we have to deal with the language for a proposition e, which is replacing the payroll tax, incredibly
7:56 am
important for us. we have had a system of taxing that taxes job growth. in texas the number of jobs we create, that is insane for not only a jobs mayor but for a city that wants to create more jobs. in order to change that, we work very hard to make sure we've got a very good balance measure. >> you've got a bond on there. i don't understand why they say no to taxes. >> parks bond $195 million. proposition c, housing trust fund, $60 million per year for workforce housing. >> i better watch my wallet. on the other hand, you are saying no on s. >> that's right. >> i got to ask you. people say you could restore it. if that long to los angeles, san diego, or any other city, they turn it back. everybody in san francisco saying yes. >> it's a bunch of markley. they have no answer for where our clean water will come from.
7:57 am
there is no sound ideas for that. we've got some of the cleanest water in the world. why mess with that? as someone who has extra time on their hands. or if you want to sample have an f no. last month -- [ laughter ] cynic in our next half-hour, against prop 32. >> and the state of california hit an all-time high with registered voters. why the state's gop isn't too happy about the new numbers. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you need your house is he is an and you ,,
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and you are in. >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> thousands of workers on strike right now. the contract dispute over benefits for union workers. >> obama and christie u.s. stood up. >> superstar sandy and the presidential campaign. two very different takes on how it may influence the election. >> and we got loose guys out the door right now. record highs in the next couple days, and then rain and clouds by the end of the week. what's up with the weather. we will tell you coming up next. >> welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. it is a clock, november 4th. i hope you've registered your path. i did and worried about all night
8:01 am
long. >> i'm so much here. >> we have a lot to talk about. we'll talk more about prop 32. we had a lively discussion during the last half hour. we'll hear the other side of the story coming up. the very confusing proposition, one of many on the ballot. election day coming up on tuesday. >> we will also talk about hurricane sandy with former mayor brown and the impact it may have. >> let's start with a developing story affecting grocery stores all over northern california. >> we are talking about the strike under the really super market chain which has 128 stores in northern california and nevada. >> contract talks with union members broke down early this morning. now the united food and commercial workers union has started picketing. changes in medical benefits for 7000 workers. >> happening right now, republican
8:02 am
presidential candidate mitt romney is speaking at a rally in iowa. a live look. this is romney's final push for votes in swing state. president obama is leading his republican challenger in iowa in most of the polls. the president had 47 to 42 percent. more pictures now. the former president bill clinton speaking at a rally in iowa as well. the president is expected to join in shortly. obama has a full schedule today. his campaign stops include a hampshire, florida, ohio, and colorado. and president obama and republican mitt romney making final push for votes two days before the election for polls show the campaigns are running neck and neck nationally and the margins in most battleground state are in single digits. the president hit for swing states yesterday. instead he kept his promises he made four years ago. >> all have on deck for the presidential campaign.
8:03 am
both candidates, causes, and their running mates have been crisscrossing swing states this weekend. in the meantime, california has reached an all-time high of more than 18 million registered voters. state republicans are celebrating. their numbers have reached an all-time low when it comes to percentages. we turn to the experts to see what is behind these claims. >> reporter: the percentage of californians hitting a new low. republicans make up 29.3 percent of the electorate compared with 31.4 percent in 2008. democrats make a 43.7 percent, only a slight decline. >> what it means is that more people in california are registering to claim a state. that's going to get you worse than it does the other party. >> meanwhile, california has reached an all-time high of $18.2 million -- 18.2 million registered voters.
8:04 am
>> bombing go to registration went live in december. a lot of million people have used it, many of them young and winning the democrats. >> it's pretty convenient. you can go onto the webpage and register online. it worked very effectively. >> the republicans real problem is that they have turned off the states a huge hispanic population. >> you take a patient -- a position on immigration and they are sensitive on that issue. you've missed the opportunity to register those people in her party, even though most of your social messages on abortion, same-sex marriage might find traction with that group. you talk about immigration the way you do. >> the republican party says many republicans have simply left the state because of california's high tax rate. >> we have to get our economy going. we have to get good manufacturing jobs back in the state.
8:05 am
we have to get regulation down so business can survive. >> tonight's dramatization of the race on -- the raid on osama bin laden's compound shows tonight. navy seals raided the al qaeda leader's hideout in pakistan and killed him. the show is produced by harvey weinstein, a strong supporter of president obama. stay with cbs for continuing coverage of the 2012 old. that means live, up-to-the- minute reporting from around the nation. california and the bay area right here on election night. bay area traffic can be horrible, but believe it or not, it's not as bad as you might think. by far it is the worst week day commute in the state. according to data, residents are commuting an hour or more just to get to her. california traffic, however, overall is only the tenth worst
8:06 am
in the nation. the golden state, three quarters of the commuters drive alone, only 11 percent use carpooling, and about 5 percent use public transit. the reason? well, free parking may be at play. it's a big reason why did people decide to commute on. but there is an incentive to turn that around. >> there is a program in california. it's called the cashel program. employers that offer free parking to their employees are supposed to offer a subsidy. if you would like to take a bus instead, you are supposed to get the value of that parking space. >> women and minorities are more likely to carpal and take public transit. >> and other headlines, tomorrow is the last day for local home owners with unaffordable mortgages took it from. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america will continue its mortgage release and approval for homebuyers today in san jose. it's a free event being held at the san jose -- or the south hall of the san jose convention center.
8:07 am
leaf blowers and the noise they make could be a thing of the past in san mateo. the city council is considered banning them or making them meet quieter noise standards and limiting the days they can be used. one city council member is concerned about the impact it would have on landscapers and gardeners. residents can offer their opinions at a meeting at city hall on monday night. construction of the new 49ers stadium will hit a major milestone this week. tomorrow crews will start installing the first of more than 2000 concrete actions. concrete will be used for the stadiums riser. crews are also 60 percent done with steel work. a unique political rally this weekend. >> and the debate over property too. why some say it would give power back to union workers. >> and it is sunday fun day all
8:08 am
across the bay area. it's going to be gorgeous weather. 70s and 80s by this afternoon. our seven day forecast has a little surprise in it. you want to watch the seven day forecast next.
8:09 am
>> good morning. blue skies over downtown san
8:10 am
francisco. temperatures in the 40s. things are going to look a lot different by the end of the week. stay tuned.
8:11 am
's amount of live look at president obama speaking in concord, new hampshire. the final push before tuesday's election. trying to change anyone who might still be on the fence, trying to change their minds. there are a lot of people on the fence. a lot of people have turned in their ballots. >> the idea now is to also turn out your vote, whether it's president obama or mitt romney. a lot of this is going to be decided as to who shows up and votes. the polls are very close. a lot of this has to do with turnout. maybe can't convince somebody to change their mind, but to get out there and vote one way or another is the goal. >> officials reminding people, don't mail in your palate. it's too late. you drop it off at a polling place. it's not going to get there in
8:12 am
time if you put it in the mail. >> there's a lot of door were in theirs out this week trying to get everybody's vote. if they are out there walking around trying to change peoples minds, what do they face? next slide john, gorgeous weather. for election day it looks like we could see record highs across the bay area. no excuse not to get out and vote. it's a gorgeous two days. temperatures up the door mainly in the 50s. a few of her 40s coming in. the 50 already in san francisco. concord, 51 degrees. by this afternoon, a lot of 70s and 80s. low '80s and some of the england spots. 72 are on the coast. sunny skies. and it took her 70s around parts of the bay. why? it's because of the high pressure. you can see what's going on. no rain at all in our immediate forecast. high and dry. at least through wednesday. and we've got some big changes by the end of the work week. you will want to stay tuned for our seven day forecast. forecast highs. it's going to be slightly
8:13 am
warmer today than what we saw yesterday. if you got to enjoy the first half of the weekend, you will really enjoyed sunday as well. 76 is the forecast high in fremont. 80 trees in livermore. mid-70s in san francisco and 77 degrees in oakland. you can see this morning trend shaping up monday, tuesday. we could see record high temperatures for the start of the workweek. and then wednesday is going to be kind of a transitional day. and then what's going on? we kind of put the brakes on everything by the end of the workweek. we see a good chance of rain across much of the bay area. temperatures just plunge. they take a nosedive. only reach heights in the 60s thursday and friday. slight warm-up by saturday.
8:14 am
we remain dry for next weekend. let's check your 70s -- that's a check of your seven day forecast. back to you. >> anybody that's been around the television has been seeing ads one way or another on proposition 32. the ballot measure would prohibit organized labor from payroll deducted funds for purposes. >> union members are rallying against it staging demonstrations in the bay area and in los angeles. former state senator gloria romero supports prop 32. she says the initiative would give power back to the workers. >> empowers the rank and union member themselves or the worker of the corporation to say, you can't just reach into my paycheck and take my money anymore. >> the biggest donor in stanford physicist girls monger. he's given nearly $23 million in contribution to the measure. following the money is one important step in deciding which way to go. the opponents say it would strip ordinary workers of an
8:15 am
effective voice and increase the influence of the very rich. >> one man who has studied the negative impact joins us now. professor john logan at the college of business at san francisco state university. we had to guess on site. i want to ask you straight up, this is an interesting and confusing initiative. lie number 1 says this would prohibit unions from using payroll did a good funds for political purposes. lie number 3 says it permits voluntary employee contributions to employer sponsored or union sponsored if authorized in writing by the person. line five says, prohibit unions and corporations from contributing directly or indirectly to candidate. it seems like this is a toothy the same time. >> it's still early design to be deceptive to confuse and to get people to vote for it for the wrong reasons. it says that it is designed to take special interest money out of politics, but in reality it's a proposition that was written by and
8:16 am
for the special interests. when i say it's deceptive, i don't use that term lightly. i really think it is one of the most fraudulent measures we've seen in california in recent history. it's been recognized as such. if you look at what the government groups in the country say about it, i mean, these groups are dedicated to taking special interest from the politics. they say would make the situation much worse. >> okay. but honestly for, in your opinion, this says that union members could still contribute to a political committee that could be used to implement the election. the only difference would be what they would have to check. >> it is designed to make it as difficult as possible for unions to raise money for politics and then to spend money. it prohibits the use of money by payroll production, which is how you use race money.
8:17 am
it's not how corporations use the money for politics. it says that unions are required to give permission from each individual member. there is still not money raised by payroll depression. the people who wrote prop 30 to know very well it would have a devastating impact on the ability of unions to purchase -- to participate and get an effective price to the members and to the cause of the support through public education and public safety, et cetera. as i said before, it would have virtually zero impact on both the corporations on billionaires, and to an extent you really have to judge these propositions by the company. it's not just how -- based in iowa and arizona, tens of millions of dollars supporting prop 32. we don't even know who is funding those.
8:18 am
>> about if we look at who is the voice, the flipside is the voice against it is the california teachers association, the public employees union. they have a special interest here. it's called pensions. it's called payroll. it's called local schools elections. they are a tremendous force in the state. some say it's contributed to the state's deficit and pension costs going through the roof. it seems like there's no shortage of special interest in this debate. >> there is no shortage of cash on either side. when the unions from the california teacher association contributes to this, they are representing the three of 25,000 members because they support the funding for public education and so forth. when they had americans for responsible leadership contributes, whose interest are they representing?
8:19 am
we don't know because we don't know who their funders are. the superior court in sacramento says, you must disclose your funders or else california will suffer irreparable damage. >> but they are not going to have to do that before the election. >> we are going to appeal it so that californians will not know who is giving money to the yes on 32 campaign before the election. >> i want to pay for out of most people are for some sort of a form. somethings got to be done. maybe this won't go far enough. but why not take this huge step? >> the reason is, as i said, there's special interest money in politics. if this was in anyway genuine campaign-finance reforms, groups such as common cause would endorse it in a second. but what is said is not only that
8:20 am
is not genuine finance reform, is designed to make the situation much worse. it would make the corrections far worse. it wouldn't be a step in the right direction. it be a step backward. >> professor john logan. we are out of time, unfortunately. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and mitt romney are rallying support in swing states tod. we turn to and, of course, is the final weekend before election day. traveling support in swing states as we speak. >> we turn to the sentences will chronicles and former mayor willie brown. they have spent billions and billions of dollars in this race. it started off pretty close and it's winding up pretty close. the question is, is there any reaching out left in politics? >> very little. you identify through focus groups and other things who your voters
8:23 am
are. you determine how many you can win and you preach to them, you pray to them, you energize them, and you do what they call grassroots, but it's only for the few. >> okay. is this less than the debate overall? >> it limits the debate. gandhi was super conservative in the primary trying to come over to the metal. obama play to the base to rally enthusiasm. look what we have. there was more discussions in the middle. >> in the last 10 days, we had hurricanes and he hit the east coast. some people say it changed -- was a game changer or in history it goes down as a significant moment. do you agree? >> i think it helped obama look more of a leader. he appeared by partisan with chris christie. i don't think it's a total game changer. >> he demonstrated exactly who he
8:24 am
is. >> it was a photo op. >> the president did what he was supposed to do as a contrast to george bush doing what he did with hurricane katrina. do you remember how awful he was? obama and christie stood up and did what he was supposed to do as a leader. >> which is find a camera at the beach and talk a couple people. >> did you find yourself ever reaching out to the opposite party and complementing them for their work? >> every day. and it wasn't so much the opposite party. it was people opposite me. that sometimes presented a real problem. when i couldn't really convince them, i looked forward to seeing their eulogy. >> that's politics.
8:25 am
>> that's willie for you. coming up, one last look at this morning's top stories. >> that includes the latest on the strike. the first one called in the company 77-year history. >> we'll be right back. ,,,, where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
8:26 am
thousand workers are on stre against the raley's supermat chain. this after contract >> welcome back. here's a look at this morning's top stories. >> some 7000 workers on strike against the supermarket chain after contract talks broke down overnight among the issues of proposed wage freeze and changes in health benefits. >> this weekend presidential candidates campaigning in a multiple battleground state. they are all appealing for votes with just two days before the election. polls indicate a close race nationally. >> it's going to be a lovely day around the bay area. record temperatures in store. >> we've got a little but of something for everyone. we call it a wacky weather week. 70s and 80s as highs. and then record temperatures are possible monday and tuesday. wednesday is like to be a
8:27 am
little bit of a transitional day. by the end of the work week, brain and highs only in the 50s to very low 60s. >> we'll enjoy the warm up for sure. >> thanks, elizabeth. >> there were at least a thousand people. many of them with furry friends. they turned out yesterday for what they call the million pop at march. >> is a response to a debate compliment made by a presidential candidate mitt romney. he said he wouldn't hesitate cutting pbs funding to save the money. >> i want to thank you for joining us. nation is next. >> we are jumping over to the cw network. channel 44, cable 12. enjoy your sunny sunday. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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